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I’m always looking for self improvement and also I’m willing to experiment new possibilities of web design and web development. Searching for real and tough challenges that can squeeze out the best of me, for the clients i work for, pushing my limits over and over again.

And last, but not least, to enjoy every time of my life as a unique moment.

Personal Summary

I am a bright, talented, positive thinker, optimistic and self-motivated person who possesses self-discipline, self-control. Furthermore, I have the ability to work with the minimum of supervision, currently based in Greece. Above all, I am constantly struggling between my love for design and my passion for front-end development. Hence, between the two though, one thing is absolutely certain, WordPress keeps for a long time now a significant section in my heart and the last years, WordPress is my favorite tool.

I am a good team player, who thrives on creating engaging solutions and I really want to work under pressure, because I like an opportunity to improve myself. Also, I am a quick learner who can engross new ideas and I can communicate clearly and effectively. I believe that the creativity is nothing but doing something new in an innovative way and should be appreciated by others.

I contribute to Open Source software.In my free time, I contribute to WordPress Community and more specific to Design Team and also as Translator in WordPress Greek Community.I want to share my knowledge so for this reason I am Attendee and Speaker at WordPress meet-ups. In the last years I am Co-Organizer at locally WordCamps. My “breath” is running.

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